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Trail Re-Named at Perry Hill

WATERBURY, VT - Waterbury Area Trails Alliance is announcing that the trail formerly known as ‘Rastaman’, is entering into a new chapter of riding as ‘Small Axe’. As part of WATA’s mission, we want everyone to feel welcome on the trails and using a religious identity as a trail name is not welcoming to all.

The name Rastaman was originally chosen by the trail builders to honor the reggae music they were listening to as they worked. We strived to find a new name which maintains the connection Perry Hill has with reggae music - a connection evident in our trail Burning Spear and the famous Joe’s feature “Roots, Rocks, & Reggae”.

This is why we chose to name the trail after the Bob Marley and The Wailers song Small Axe, which is a song that speaks to the fight against injustice. Small Axe remains the same trail we have all loved for years with technical features remaining unchanged, regardless of the name.

We appreciate the Waterbury Area Anti-Racism Coalition and others who have helped us reflect. Over the past year, they helped us come to a consensus on a trail name that will represent who we are as the Waterbury community.

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Emma Scott
Emma Scott
Aug 19, 2022


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