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Our Mission

Building and Maintaining Recreational Trails for a Healthy, Vibrant & Sustainable Future.

Our Vision

Waterbury Area Trail Alliance (WATA) is committed to the improvement and expansion of sustainable public trails for our local community. Your tax-deductible membership fee will assist us in our efforts to provide wonderful human-powered recreation opportunities in Waterbury area.


Our Board

  • Dana Allen, President

  • Alex Showerman, Vice President

  • Keith Macchione, Secretary

  • Amanda McKay, Treasurer

  • Alex King

  • Aaron Rice

  • Matt Gile

  • Bryan Shay

  • John Duston


Waterbury Area Trails Association (WATA) is a volunteer-run organization that builds and maintains trails for a healthy, vibrant, and sustainable future. We are a Vermont Mountain Bike Association Chapter built from the ground up to support the Waterbury area trails and community. The group was founded by a dedicated, skilled, and diverse group of local leaders in 2015. WATA represents a growing segment of trail users and businesses that are committed to enhancing and maintaining our Waterbury area trails for the benefit of residents and visitors alike.