Our Mission

Building and Maintaining Recreational Trails for a Healthy, Vibrant & Sustainable Future.

Our Vision

Waterbury Area Trail Alliance (WATA) is committed to the improvement and expansion of sustainable public trails for our local community. Your membership fee will assist us in our efforts to provide wonderful human-powered recreation opportunities in Waterbury area.


Our Board

  • Keith Macchione, President

  • Bryan Shay, Vice President

  • Amanda McKay, Treasurer

  • Logan Shuman, Secretary

  • John Duston, Program Diector

  • Aaron Rice

  • Matt Gile

  • Amy DeBenedictis

  • Mackenzie Fuqua


Waterbury Area Trails Association (WATA) is a volunteer-run organization that builds and maintains trails for a healthy, vibrant, and sustainable future. We are a Vermont Mountain Bike Association Chapter built from the ground up to support the Waterbury area trails and community. The group was founded by a dedicated, skilled, and diverse group of local leaders in 2015. WATA represents a growing segment of trail users and businesses that are committed to enhancing and maintaining our Waterbury area trails for the benefit of residents and visitors alike.