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Deer Wintering


Due to its important role as deer wintering area, Perry Hill’s trails have not been managed or groomed for public access. After careful deliberation  The Department of Forests, Parks, and Recreation (FPR) has determined that two parcels within Perry Hill will  now be managed for winter recreation use in a pilot program. This use includes hiking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and fat biking.  This privilege comes with rules and caveats. As an official partner of  our public land managers, it is our responsibility to follow guidelines, signage, and policies that will decrease the negative impacts from recreation on wildlife. 

Though FPR has provisionally opened parts of Perry Hill to winter management, that does not mean those areas are not important for deer wintering. During winter months, deer live off fat reserves and browse. With deep snow being potentially fatal, deer are driven to wooded areas containing conifers that provide canopy cover creating less snowpack. With this in mind, it is important to share that over 90% of Perry Hill is mapped as deer wintering habitat. For more information on wintering habitats please visit or reach out to our regional Fish and Wildlife staff. 


FPR will allow grooming on the following trail corridors: the Main Climb, Campfire, S’more’s, Joe’s, Six Flags, and Duct Tape. 

Regulations for Use:

In order to lessen negative impacts to wildlife and create a good user experience, we ask you follow ethics, signage, and conditions reporting. This includes:

  • Staying on designated, groomed trails

  • Avoiding soft snow (aka no post-holing)

  • Leave no Trace practices

  • Leashing pets while inside Perry Hill

  • Yielding to other users while recreating per the below figure

In order to maintain use throughout the winters, we ask that user groups comply with the following:


  • Minimum tire width is 3.8” with a PSI between 2-8 lbs

  • Refrain from riding in soft conditions to aid with grooming


  • If you break through groomed surfaces more than 1”, please refrain from using the groomed surfaces

Skiers and Snowshoers

  • Respect deer wintering zone by staying on groomed trails


Map provided by FPR displaying winter use trails and deer wintering zones.


Thank you for helping us make this pilot program a success!


If you have the ability, please concider donating funds to the grooming machiene! It wasn't cheap and we there is consitant maintenence that it will need to keep it in good working order!



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