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Perry Hill

Arguably offering up some of the finest trails in the state. Packed within this 10-mile network there is something for everyone. Want to try your hand at some classic tech rock lines? Make your way over to Joe’s or the incredible new work on Six Flags. How about a masterfully crafted flow trail? S'Mores it is. Need a rewarding climb? Scotch Tape to Permission is your answer. While you’re up there, link up to Burning Spear and bomb down WATA’s longest trail, Small Axe. Don’t be overwhelmed by your options, though. Start out with our pump track, work your way up to the family-friendly Campfire, and if everyone is feeling good check out Disneyland.

Perry Hill is also open to winter users. Read through Forest Parks and Recreations press release for more information on why this is possible. Be sure to check the trail conditions before you go!

Little River State Park

Wow… Woosh…. Wa-pow! You ever see the video of the super stoked surfer? Well you’ll find yourself with the same level of hype as you make your way through these beautifully crafted flow trails. Managed in partnership with Little River State Park, you’ll climb up very approachable single track trails only to have a giant grin on your face as you work your way down the whoops, berms, and jumps of Hillfarmer and Highbridge.

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