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Time to get Psyched!

Little River Refresh - Arguably the most underrated flow trail in the state is getting an update from the one and only Tom Lepesqueur of L&D trail works. Imagine, Tom corners, blended with Knight’s creative jump lines; this trail is absolutely going to rip once complete. We plan to open the fresh trail when Little River State Park opens for the season, Make sure you get your WATA membership in time for your free pass to the park!

Total investment:$16,500 Funding for this project came directly from your membership dollars, please be sure to renew your WATA/VMBA membership so we can continue to keep our trails running in top shape.

New Climb Re-Route - We will be finally dropping the ropes on the new climb re-route that accesses the upper trails. This 2600 foot volunteer built reroute will replace the degrading section of double track to access the upper trails.

Rastaman/Disney Exit Grand Canyon Re-route: You know that big old canyon at the bottom of Rasta and Disney? We worked with the state to identify a crossing upstream that won't erode away. Brooke with Sinuosity and his team came in to build and change the bridge location. Mission Accomplished!

Pump Track Refresh - We are investing up to $3500 with Sinuosity to give the pump track some love. Eyes peeled for that in June as well.

2021 Planning - Believe it or not but we are already well on our way planning for 2021 projects. We know that many in our community have been asking for more hand built single track and we've heard you! Thanks for filling out those surveys we send out. We have two potential rad projects in the works we will tell you more about once we get state approval. Keep your fingers crossed and your eyes on our social media accounts!

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