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Looking for members to join the Board of Directors!

Waterbury Area Trails Association (WATA) is a volunteer-run organization that builds and maintains trails for a healthy, vibrant, and sustainable future.

We are a Vermont Mountain Bike Association chapter built from the ground up to support the Waterbury area trails and community. The group was founded by a dedicated and skilled local leaders in 2015. WATA represents a growing segment of trail users and businesses that are committed to enhancing and maintaining our trails for the benefit of residents and visitors alike.

WATA is looking for three new people to join the board. We are looking for people that are not only passionate about trails and the surrounding community but are also prepared to make the commitment to help build and maintain the trails.

The right person will be able to attend board meetings once a month (2 hours each), events that happen periodically throughout the year, and trail work days and nights that happen throughout the spring, summer and fall. We average one trail day and two trail nights per month. Outside of meetings and events, there is often additional work that needs to be done – like organizing events, member engagement, back-end web site maintenance, sponsor outreach, grant research and writing, trail work organization, and master planning. Expect to spend an average of 1-4 hours per week on WATA-related activities (including trail work) with larger commitments during peak season of spring and early summer. That could be spent reaching out to sponsors, planning events, doing trail sits, planning trail work, etc, etc. Attendance at 75% of board meetings is expected. Attendance at a majority of events and trail work days and nights is also expected.

In particular we are looking for people that have experience in

  • Grant writing,

  • Email management and member engagement

  • Carpentry or building

  • Website development

  • Event planning

  • Social Media

However, we are open to anyone that has a strong skill set that will enhance the board and ultimately the trails.

If you are interested in joining the board, please send an email to with a statement of why you want to be on the board along with a summary of relevant experience (personal or professional). We would like to receive these letters by October 18th.

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